Sunday, February 22, 2009


Hartwell Dam Hartwell Dam

where's the cachethe GPS says straight ahead...

Lake HartwellLake Hartwell

missed the trainHartwell Depot

On Sunday afternoon we followed the GPS to the Hartwell Dam and a little dirt road down to the Savannah River below the dam. The water was a beautiful blue and the area was peaceful. Down on the river it was warm in the sun. We found the hidden cache there and noticed the next one was just 0.3 miles away, but across the river…

We then headed out to Lake Hartwell where it was way too cold and windy to be out there, but we managed to find a couple more caches.

Our last stop was in the town of Hartwell at the old Train Depot, it seems we missed the train but found the cache.

There are a lot more caches in this area, looking forward to finding them all!

Caches found today:
Craggy Rock
Easy to Overlook
B.O.R.A. Great Extravaganza Cache
Depot Train Station

Friday, February 13, 2009

Cromer's Mill Covered Bridge

Franklin County, Georgia:

The Cromers settled on Nails Creek in Franklin County in 1845. Prior to the Civil War, the family operated a woolen mill near this site. Subsequently, the area maintained a cotton gin, flour mill and saw mill, though all operations had ceased by 1943. In 1907, the county contracted with James M. Hunt to build the present 110-foot bridge. Constructed in the Town lattice design, the bridge's web of planks crisscrossing at 45-to 60-degree angles are fastened with wooden pegs, or trunnels, at each intersection. Will Cromer, a descendant of the original family, built the stone abutments.

Cromer's Mill covered bridge was renovated by the DOT in 1999.

A must-see if in the area, wonderful craftsmanship in this lattice wood and peg construction. Thanks to geocaching for bringing us here!

More pictures here

Remember my name cache by Willbert

Sunday, February 08, 2009


Looking for the hidden cache in the graveyard... when the moon came out we gave up to try another day.

Ty Cobb resting place, Royston, Georgia

Remember Me?

Victoria Bryant State Park

Our first caching since last May! It was a beautiful day to explore our new home away from home here in Royston, Georgia.

Victoria Bryant State Park has a lot of trails and water and is quite hilly for these otherwise flatlands.

Caches found today:

Victoria's Secret
Goofys down on the farm
2B1ASK1 #3

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Vacation Caching - Canadian Rockies

Johnston Canyon

Chateau Lake Louise

Banff Gondola

We took all our geocaching stuff with us on our vacation to Canada, but often forgot to even look for caches! The scenery was so beautiful, several times at the end of the day we would think, I bet there was a geocache there.

But we did find 9 to add to our list. We visited Banff and Jasper National Parks, where there are mostly Earth Caches and Virtual caches, well worth the hunt!

Limestone Hoodoos in Banff
Sulphur Mountain
Johnston Canyon - Lower Falls
Lake Louise Mini Cache
Lake of Little Fishes
Jasper Yellowhead Museum Cache
Sonny Anderson
Daps at Home

1926 to 2073 miles from home

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Mount Yonah

We finally climbed Yonah Mountain! The new Forest Service access trail is much better than the stories of way back when - walking up the road all the way. A good climb, great views, wildflowers, rock climbers, perfect weather!

Nacoochee's Revenge
3 Up Top

37 miles from home

Saturday, March 29, 2008


Veteran cachers Bad Dawg and Johnnie Lacy
visit our neck of the woods.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Amicalola Approach

Kyle was here for spring break and wanted to go caching, so off we went. We found several 'round town, then headed to Amicalola Falls State Park for a hike.

We hiked from the visitor's center at the entrance of the park, out the back door, and through the stone arch marking the beginning of the approach to the Appalachian Trail.

Found this neat Indian Trail Tree (pictured) right in the middle of the trail.

Found the Amicalola Approach Travel Bug Hotel cache right where it was supposed to be, and after phoning a friend, figured out the combination to the lock. (The numbers for the lock are found here).

Picked up this neat AT coin.

A beautiful day to be out caching, or playing hooky...

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Green Mountain

Out on a beautiful afternoon in Fannin County, old stomping ground. Hiked the trail from Deep Gap out to Green Mountain and back. A great place for a cache, no people around, good views of Lake Blue Ridge.

Aska for an Adventure

18 miles from home

Sunday, February 10, 2008


Our Tumblin Falls cache has been voted the 2007 Outstanding Scenic Location cache by the Georgia Geocachers Association. The entire list is here. Thanks GGA!

So if you are in the Ellijay area, come see us and hike to the falls, and see if you can find the cache hidden there.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Nantahala River

The Nantahala River is in western North Carolina. It is a popular river for rafting and canoes. Nantahala is Cherokee, it translates into Land of the Noonday Sun. This name comes from the high cliffs and steep gorge walls along the river that shut out the direct light of the sun until nearly noon. There is a cache here called "Land of the Noonday Sun" but we didn't find that one.

Andrews Rest Stop
Bike Trail Bridge
Patton's Run
Nantahala Ent
Power House
Welcome to Graham County #1
Beyond the Painted Rock
Nantahala River Gorge Earthcache

62 miles from home